Like a duck on a pond, a graceful glide is only possible through vigorous underwater paddling. So it is with paper engineering.

At its best, 3D modelling has an effortless simplicity: an abstract collection of pieces come together to form an instantly recognisable form. Making that process look easy is the reason Infinite Jest’s David Hawcock is one of the most respected names in his field.

His reputation has led to commissions from the Football Association to music industry legends to world renowned museums, all looking to create dramatic, eye-catching and unique products.

That same eye for wonder coupled with innovation has also been behind a range of acclaimed moveable books, ranging from the innovations of Leonardo da Vinci to a lifesize pull-out book on the human body to pop-up books that encompass everything from children’s cartoons (Maisy Mouse) to award-winning TV shows (Walking Dead).

As to their creator, you will typically find David in his office / laboratory thinking, cutting, folding and sticking, always with the goal of emerging with a new creation in his hand and a well-earned smile on his face.